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Elaine Stoddart Clinics offer safe, effective, affordable and fast skin blemish treatment for over 20 minor skin conditions including;

Skin tags, moles, thread veins, milia, xanthelasma, seborrhoeic keratosis, common and plane warts, Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN's) verrucas, syringoma, hyper-pigmentation/age spots, sebaceous cyst, sebaceous hyperplasia, spider naevus, blood spots and many more...

for such a wide variety of conditions Electrolysis skin blemish treatment has got to be the most sensible and safe choice as it offers the least invasive, minimal and effective method of treatment. Results are often instantaneous, pleasing and life enhancing.

Skin is the largest organ in the body and starts life as a flawless canvas, free from imperfections. However, damage is caused by several factors such as natural aging, UV light and environmental and health conditions which can result in unsightly blemishes and disorders considered cosmetically unattractive. Advanced Cosmetic Procedures skin blemish treatment using Electrolysis is a simple and safe method of successfully removing, visibly reducing and improving the appearance of unwanted skin disorders helping clients attain and maintain a beautiful, smooth and blemish free skin.

Elaine Stoddart is one of the country's leading medical aestheticians specializing in skin blemish treatment using electrolysists. She has had over 25 years' experience with private practices in Harley Street London, Buckinghamshire and Hampshire. She now operates from her home clinic in Burnham, Buckinghamshire. Go to Elaine Stoddart, the renowned skin blemish treatment expert in this field and feel safe in her experienced hands.

As Director of Education for the leading electrolysis brand for 16 years she is the most prolific trainer in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Skin Blemish Treatment in the UK and has trained Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses and many other Medical Practitioners and Therapists in this field. She pioneered the first ever Transgender electrolysis course in the UK and numerous other advances in the cosmetic use of electrolysis. Elaine had many years of experience within the Beauty Industry as therapist, specialist electrolysist, salon owner, trainer and teacher and is a published author and a popular and highly respected national and international speaker in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Hair Removal Electrolysis.

Elaine is a member of the British Institute & Association of Electrolysis (BIAE) a senior associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) and a member and 'expert advisor' for the British Association of Therapists and Cosmetologists (BABTAC). She has also appeared on BBC work place skills educational programmes.

Winner of the LUX Health and Beauty and Wellness awards 2018: 'Medical Aesthetician of the Year'.

Winner of the LUX Health and Beauty and Wellness awards 2019: 'Best Medical Aesthetics Practice'.


Elaine is a true expert in using electrolysis for Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. In the nine years I have known Elaine, she has completely changed my treatment of patients with many skin conditions. Using her techniques surgery, scars and stitches are avoided giving the patients a simpler treatment with far better results.

Prof. Mark Whiteley MS FRCS (Gen) FCPhleb Consultant
A sebaceous cyst on my scalp was treated in 2007.  The procedure was quick, simple and involved only slight discomfort.  The cyst dropped off several days later and has not recurred.  I would have the procedure again and would recommend it to others.

David Williams MBBS FRCS (Gen Surg) MD
Consultant General/Vascular Surgeon
"As an experienced cosmetic Doctor who has trained under the world’s most renowned cosmetic practitioners I found Elaine’s teaching most professional and her work of a very high standard."

Dr Annelize Meyer GP
The Bosham Clinic
"Elaine has a wealth of experience not only as a leader in her teaching field but as a diagnostician. She delivers a safe and skilled service in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions."

Dr S Wood MBChB
"Elaine performs a variety of cosmetic procedures with great skill. She has a wonderful knack of putting her clients at ease with good humour and a highly professional approach. She works quickly and efficiently making it relaxing and enjoyable for her clients…… "

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