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I am so grateful to Elaine for the help she has given me. I had a sebaceous cyst on my breast. It was uncomfortable and growing in size. The doctor told me that there was nothing they could do.
A family member had told me about Elaine and the great work she does so I decided to find out if she could help me.
Elaine put me at ease straight away. She has such a lovely attitude and is also very  professional.
The treatment was quick and I only experienced a mild sensation of intense heat, no real pain at all.
I followed the instructions about aftercare and everything went smoothly.
Within a few days the cyst came out completely. Now, months later, there's just a slight pink mark at the site.
I am delighted. Thank you so much!

Maureen, Wales

 I am so delighted to have found you! It is not easy to find an experienced and competent specialist for the treatments you offer. I am so very pleased.  Thank you.

Ana, London

 I began to struggle with unwanted facial hair in my early twenties and as the years went by the condition grew worse, (quite literally) as did its profound impact on my self-esteem. Over time my confidence deteriorated quite significantly and I resorted to trying several ‘off-the-shelf’ hair remedies which only served to worsen the condition. After endless hours of research I came across the fabulous Elaine Stoddart and I have never looked back!  Elaine instantly made me feel at ease, educating me on the process of electrolysis and its long term benefits. I am now a year into my treatment and am delighted with the results – true to her word, my facial hair grows back less frequently, is much thinner and is completely gone in certain areas. I'm so much happier in myself and only wish I knew about Elaine and Electrolysis earlier!

Lucy, London

Each session has left me smoother and smoother and now I feel totally confident to not do a single pluck between sessions as we are working on such fine light hairs now. The standard of Elaine's work is consistently of the highest quality. She is a warm and empathetic practitioner and a really lovely and kind person. I really couldn't overestimate the benefits that electrolysis has had on my life

Sonya,  London

I was using several treatments before I met Elaine. The results were negligible or none!

After Elaine’s electrolysis treatment the results are incredible. She permanently removed ALL my unwanted hair and she does her work with such charm and passion. I can't recomend her highly enough

Anya, London

Thank you so much for sorting out my imperfections (Blood spots, thread veins and moles)  – you have gone the extra ten miles, as always, and it is very much appreciated.  My nose warts may look like Nanny McPheee so I’ll be glad when they go also!!  You are an amazing person.  I’m so glad I’ve met you – a ray of sunshine.  Thank you again ….

Alison, Aylesbury

I am delighted with the results of my treatment for thread-veins.  No scabs formed: I was just a bit red and the veins looked angry for a day.  I behaved like a lady as instructed, and now after its all calmed down, the veins are much less prominent.  I look rosy again rather than red.  The larger veins are really faint.  I am very happy to have found something that works… thank you and I will see you in again soon for my next appointment.

Anna, London

I just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me clear up my skin and all the thread-veins etc.  I am so pleased with the results. My skin to date is 100% better and I can wear less make-up which is great.  It was well worth coming all the way from Wales!  It was really lovely meeting you

Sandra, Wales

I'm so glad I met Elaine Stoddart because in a few sessions she managed to solve a problem I've had for about 20 years. I had some warts on my hands which left me manicure-phobic as well as reluctant and guilty about shaking hands or holding hands.  I'd tried every treatment on the planet - acid gel, home freezing, cryo, all to no avail. But Elaine and her electrolysis needle and expertise have finally made me wartless and fancy free

Anna Marie Solowij, Freelance Beauty Journalist & ‘Beauty Mart’ Co

I can tie my hair back now without worrying all the time about my unsightly facial hair!

Remmi Slough

My electrolysis with Elaine has been life transforming.  People used to talk to my upper lip!  Not any more!

Chloe London

I am EXTREMELY pleased to report that my verruca has GONE! I am absolutely over the moon. Thank you so much for your expertise in banishing it after all these years. I cannot wait to have a lovely pedicure and not be embarrassed. So happy!

Gemma Middx

I have seen Elaine perform a variety of advanced cosmetic procedures with great skill. She has a wonderful knack of putting her clients at ease with good humour and a highly professional approach.  She performs procedures quickly and efficiently which make them relaxing and enjoyable for her clients and impresses upon them the importance of getting suspicious lesions checked by a doctor.  She has inspired me to encourage people to consider the use of electrolysis and as a clinician myself, it is now a skill I am proud to add to my portfolio.

FFPH, General Practitioner, Buckinghamshire 

A sebaceous cyst on my scalp was treated in 2007.  The procedure was quick, simple and involved only slight discomfort.  The cyst dropped off several days later and has not recurred.  I would have the procedure again and would recommend it to others.

David Williams MBBS FRCS (Gen Surg) MD
Consultant General/Vascular Surgeon

I am thrilled with the treatment you carried out on my mole which I had had for such a long time.  It was an ugly, dark coloured almost purple looking growth about the size of a pea on the side of my chin and for years I had been very self conscious of it.  No matter how I tried, no amount of make-up could disguise it as it was so bulbous, dark and ugly.  My Doctor suggested freezing it but, as I had previously had warts removed by this method, which I had found very painful, I declined his offer.  I can hardly believe how painlessly you managed to remove it and how happy I am to have got rid of this eyesore at last. 

Cynthia Wilson

For anyone wishing to have red vein, skin tags or other skin blemishes removed I can highly recommend Advanced Electrolysis which offers a treatment that is caring and considerate to your needs and with excellent results.

Carolyn Claypole

I was so pleased to finally see the two warts I had on my finger disappear after my electrolysis treatment.  They had both gone within a week which is amazing as I had been trying to get rid of them for 18 months by other methods.  Now there are no visible signs they were ever there.   

Barbara Roe

I had two treatments to remove the numerous skin tags that I had for many years on my neck and under my arms.  I am delighted with the results. 

Beth Booker

I had a large unsightly milia which was so noticeable and obvious I hated it.  One treatment and it disappeared.  Brilliant.  Thank you.

Sarah Shaw

I have had Campbell de Morgan spots, skin tags and seborrhoeic warts removed.  I was more than happy with the results and did not find any of these procedures too painful.

Maureen Hardford

I have had thread veins treated over the last few months.  I am so happy with the treatments.  It was certainly not as uncomfortable as I first imagined and am so pleased with the results.

Karen Brown

I am pleased with all aspects of the treatment received.  Elaine was excellent and the results of my thread vein removal are amazing.  I would recommend the treatment to any of my friends.


The results have been far more than skin deep for me.  I hated my bright red cheeks covered in capillaries which looked like I was blushing all the time.  They were a total embarrassment and impacted on all aspects of my life.  Thanks to Elaine I am now blemish free.  This is the best treatment I have ever had.

Sue Pearson

It was the most effective treatment I've ever had. I was quite blown away by it. Elaine clearly knows what she is doing.

Rachel... London

My husband and I have both been treated by Elaine Stoddart and can recommend her most highly. I had a very unslightly wart on one of my fingers which had been annoying me for some time and after only two treatments with Elaine it had gone. My husband was more of a challlenge as he had several warts on his hands and fingers and a very large one on his knee as big as a two penny piece, after 3 treatments from Elaine he is now wart free. Previously we had tried everything available including over the counter treatments and 'freezing' at the doctor's surgery and nothing worked. Thank you very much Elaine.

Georgina Cane Buckinghamshire

I had a number of pesky ugly skin tags on and around my eyelids which seemed to multiply over time. They would cause me embarrassment on certain occasions when someone would point them out to me. Unfortunately no one was willing to remove them because of the proximity to the eye and I was very disheartened. Elaine offered me the possibility of electrolysis. She was very professional and at length talked me through the process in a very expert manner. She told me it might hurt but, to be honest, I didn't feel a thing and the results are great. I rate the treatment that I received as red carpet from start to finish, I thoroughly recommend her.

Dr Simon Tiberi MD, Consultant in Infection

As an experienced cosmetic Doctor who has trained under the world’s most renowned cosmetic practitioners I found Elaine’s teaching most professional and her work of a very high standard.

Dr Annelize Meyer GP The Bosham Clinic

Elaine has a wealth of experience not only as a leader in her teaching field but as a diagnostician. She delivers a safe and skilled service in the treatment of a variety of skin lesions.

Dr S Wood MBChB

Elaine is a true expert in using electrolysis for Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. In the nine years I have known Elaine, she has completely changed my treatment of patients with many skin conditions. Using her techniques surgery, scars and stitches are avoided giving the patients a simpler treatment with far better results.

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