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Hairs on the chin become hairs on cotton pads following one hour of electrolysis treatment using Thermolysis/Short Wave Diathermy.

Hair Removal Electrolysis treatment follows the following procedure:
1.       Insertion of probe into the hair follicle
2.       The energy is released for 1 – ½ seconds.  This creates a brief small stinging sensation
3.       The now disabled hair is gently released from the follicle with the tweezers
This procedure is repeated for each hair and takes using Thermolysis/Short Wave Diathermy approx 5 seconds per hair.  This equals 12 hairs per minute or 720 hairs per hour.


The hairs on this cotton pad is following 20 treatments. Hair growth is now negligible and we are well on the way to permanent freedom from unwanted hair.

"I have been plucking, bleaching and generally trying to tame the growing number of hairs on my upper lip and chin all my adult life... I started when I was around 18 and I'm over 50 now and it had got to the stage where I had to pluck every single day for about 20 minutes before I could go out... which is obviously not only time consuming but made me feel a bit of a freak!   It was horrible- and trying to keep it hidden from others was also very difficult and painful.
I'd heard of electrolysis but was always worried about the scare stories you read of it being done badly and people being left worse off, with scars etc. But one day about three years ago now I thought…. enough is enough - this is just getting worse and I need to take control of it before I get too old. I'd had enough of it eroding my confidence.
So I starting researching electrolysis and I came across the monitoring body BIAE. This reassured me that the practitioners listed here would be professionally qualified, so I took this as my starting point to look up practitioners in my area and Elaine stood out for me above the rest. Not only is she a long standing practitioner of electrolysis but she is the leading trainer, teaching other practitioners! 
This was the sign I needed- I felt really positive about her as if she trains she must be really skilled herself.  So I called her and she put me at my ease straight away- she was friendly and warm and took the time to answer my numerous questions. I felt ready to take the plunge so I booked an initial consultation and that was the best thing I have ever done... My chin and upper lip are now pretty much hair free- she is now working on very fine light hairs and I can face the world with my head (and more importantly, my chin) held high! I'm not exaggerating- I really did go through life looking down so no one could get a close-up of my chin!
As my hair growth was, to put it frankly, so extensive I needed to come weekly for hourly sessions at first, but after about 3 months I dropped down to every two weeks and then after a year or so I went down to once a month.  I'm now coming once a month but I only need 15 minute sessions, which is great as it's not painless- I wouldn’t say it's painful but it does sting a bit!
Each session has left me smoother and smoother and now I feel totally confident to not do a single pluck between sessions as we are working on such fine light hairs now. The standard of Elaine's work is consistently of the highest quality. She is a warm and empathetic practitioner and a really lovely and kind person. I really couldn't overestimate the benefits that electrolysis has had on my life".

Sonya  London


Debby is 49 years old.  She has 2 daughters and 2 stepdaughters all in their 20’s. She had a large mole on her forehead and always wore a heavy fringe to hide it.  She was extremely self conscious about it and was bullied at school.  Even in adulthood people were always making comments about it saying “what’s that on your head”.  To say she hated it is an understatement.  In fact it pervaded every aspect of her life and was always in her mind.  Windy days which might blow her fringe up away from her face were something to be feared.  She was so aware of it that she always pulled her fringe down and hair-sprayed it until it was almost solid and hated going to the hairdresser as it was always commented upon so her daughter styled her hair as much as possible. 

Last year her eldest daughter got married and whilst the day was incredibly happy she was horrified when she saw the photographs of the day.  It had been a windy day and her mole was clearly visible. 

She had in the past asked the Dr if anything could be done but they had dismissed it as unimportant and cosmetic when she was younger and said that the scar from removing it would be just as visible as the blemish.  Appalled at the Wedding photographs she again consulted a Dr who said it was a wart and that it would have to be removed privately which would cost in the region of £700 and would require a cut and stitching and leave scarring. 

Then she heard about Electrolysis being used for Cosmetic Procedures without leaving a mark. She was referred to Elaine Stoddart and the rest is self explanatory. The difference it has made to Debby physically and psychologically is immeasurable.



My name is Penny Bodenham, I am a Nurse and I am 49 years old

I had a horrible brown mark on my neck for several years   I hated wearing low cut dresses or low tops because it was so obvious.  Often people would actually remark upon it which made me even more embarrassed.  I could not wear any nice jewellery because any necklaces or chains caught on it and drew attention to it.  Whenever I went shopping I had to buy tops that covered it and I often bought items that I didn’t even like just because they covered my horrible brown crusty mark.   

I thought it was a mole initially but then found out it was actually called a seborrhoeic keratosis or wart.  That word ‘wart’ is just nasty.  Although these warts are not contagious and are apparently caused by natural aging, sun damage and genes…. just the word…. Wart…. makes you feel so unattractive.

I was recommended to Elaine Stoddart who is an electrologist specialist.  After a full consultation during which Elaine carefully explained the treatment fully I decided to go for it.

The treatment was so quick and easy and surprisingly, much more comfortable than I had imagined.  I thought it would be really painful but it wasn’t.  It just felt like a little stinging sensation.    I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the results.  Now, one month later, the little scab that had formed on the treated area has dropped off and the result is brilliant.  You would not have known that I had had anything done.  There is no mark at all.  It’s amazing.  I can wear necklaces, any top and outfit I like…. Freedom!  I cannot stop smiling.          


Sarah Kallipetis, Recruitment Consultant, 33 years old

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a small mole on the side of my nose and as I grew, it grew.  Not only did it grow it seemed get darker and more noticeable as I got older.  It became known as my “rice krispie” to my friends and family!  It made me feel very unhappy as it was the first thing I noticed when I saw myself in photos.  I always used to try to pose in pictures so that the other side of my face was shot but inevitably I was often ‘caught out’.   I hated it and when my nephew stated pointing at it and saying how disgusting it was I thought it was time to do something about it.

However I was not really sure what to do.  All I knew was that I didn’t want a scar and I knew that if a Doctor cut it out I would then be left with stitches and scarring as I had enquired about this.   I was having a heart to heart with my Aunty one day and talking about my hated ‘rice krispie’ and she said she knew just the person to hep me and recommended I saw Elaine Stoddart.  She had had previous treatment with Elaine and was really pleased with the results.  She said she never knew electrolysis could do so much, she said she knew it offered permanent hair removal but that Elaine was a ‘magician’ with electrolysis.

Eventually I managed to get an appointment with Elaine and had a full consultation and she instantly put me at ease and made me feel very confident that my mole would be removed really easily and not require any stitching.  It literally took 10 minutes to do and with very little discomfort!  I was absolutely amazed at how simple it was. 

After a few days a scab formed where Elaine had treated it and then after 3 weeks, this dropped off and instantly I felt like a new person.  My friends and family could not believe how well it looked and that the treatment has left no scarring at all.    Now I happily have pictures taken without even thinking which is my good side as both my sides are good!  I have got so much more confidence… its amazing how something so little can affect your confidence.  My nephew is speechless! Literally!  

I cannot thank Elaine enough – I am so happy with the results!!!


Donald Houston Hairdressing Apprentice 20 years old

Throughout my teenage years I suffered with mild acne around my face which had made me very self conscious about my complexion.  I had developed a small red spot on my left temple which didn’t disappear after a couple of weeks and as time went on it grew and grew.   Eventually it had grown considerably in size and turned into a very hard cyst.  No matter what I did the cyst would not go down, no matter how many lotions and potions I used and how ever many attempts I squeezed.

Soon enough the cyst had gotten so big and noticeable that I had to wear my hair in a style that would cover it.  I even went to the Doctor about it but he said it was nothing to worry about but because it was purely cosmetic he could not do it on the NHS. 

For some time I lived with it, but oh how I hated it!  Then chatting to a friend about skin she recommended me to Elaine Stoddart who she said specialises in skin cosmetic procedures.  I saw Elaine in Burnham Buckinghamshire as that is where I live but she also works in Harley Street in London.  Elaine took time to explain to me the possible causes for the cyst on my face and that I hadn’t helped it with all my squeezing and told me she could treat it with a very small probe and the energy used in electrolysis.

The treatment was very quick and practically painless.  I thought it would be painful but I was proved wrong.  It seemed she worked so quickly that I had no time to even realise anything had actually happened.   

I am so pleased with the results.  The cyst has completely vanished after only one treatment and I wasn’t left with any scarring at all.  It’s like it was never there.

I can’t thank Elaine enough for her brilliant work


Betty Shaw - Billericay

I had two great big moles on my face which were a horrid eyesore to me. I hated them so much.  I had always hated them and went to the Dr about them who said that nothing could be done that would not leave a big scar.  I lived with them for years and was always touching them and was very aware of them all the time.  I felt everyone who talked to me was looking at my unslighly moles.   

Then one day a friend recommended Elaine to me and I went along to see her.  My friend came with me as I was very apprehensive.  I needn't have worried - the treatment delivered was very gentle and didn't hurt at all.  I felt a stinging sensation but not for very long and the results are just fantastic.  

I would recommend Elaine Stoddart to anyone.

Even my granddaughter has noticed the improvement.

I am so pleased. Thank you. | (01628) 603649 or 07526 233443
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